『SHINOBI Wi-Fi』って何?~What’s “SHINOBI Wi-Fi”?~

皆様、こんにちは!   Hello, everyone!


You can see the word “SHINOBI” on the top screen, when you connect to our Free Wi-Fi service in  Sakaimachidori Street.  What’s this?


This is the name of Free Wi-Fi service that anybody can use in Otaru Sakaimachidori Street.


Actually, it has a lot of valuable information on the top screen!!

例えば、『Sakaimachidori』アイコンをクリックすると、私たち堺町通り商店街のホームページへアクセスできます。また、『Tourism Association』をクリックすると小樽観光協会、『Otaru City』をクリックすると小樽市役所へ簡単に接続できます。

For example, you can see our website and get a lot of  information about our shopping street if you click on the”Sakaimachidori” icon, and you can also see Otaru Tourism Association and Otaru city website if you click on each icons “Tourism Association”and “Otaru city”.


Also, you can learn about Japanese rules and manners in public transportation, accommodations or restaurant if you click on the”Japanese Rules” icon.


Furthermore, you can learn some useful Japanese phrases when you click  “PHRASEBOOK” icon. It’s very helpful because you can also listen to the audio.


Finally, when you click on the” Emergency” icon, you can also get your home country’s embassy via information if you caught up in trouble in Japan.

是非,堺町通り商店街Wi-Fiサービス『Otaru Free  Wi-Fi』を利用して、旅を楽しんでくださいね♪

Please use this “Otaru Free Wi-Fi” service and make a wonderful memories in Otaru♪